Collection: Candles - 100% Clean Burning Soy

It's a scientific fact that scent is our biggest memory trigger. Scent can instantly transform a room or a mood, in a magical way. Our 100% soy candles trigger good vibes, happy thoughts, and treasured memories. 

What makes C9SC Soy Candles Special?

  • Trial & Error - I've been pouring candles since 2006, founded on the principles of quality and simplicy. I extensively test burn each scent before releasing it to insure a clean, long lasting, quality burn
  • Hand poured in Wisconsin using pure, American grown soy wax and cotton wicks
  • Paraben and phthalate-free essential oil infused fragrance oils
  • Big, bold scent broadcast that fills the room
  • No added colorants and a minimalist label that will compliment any decor

Total weight 8 oz. / wax weight 6.25 oz.
Burn time: 38+ hours

Recycle the Jar: wash in hot soapy water, remove the label, pop out the wick tab, repurpose the jar - READ THIS for Ideas and Photos