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Cloud Nine Soap Co.

Wickman Brand Wick Dipper (Smokeless Candle Extinguisher)

Wickman Brand Wick Dipper (Smokeless Candle Extinguisher)

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"Wick dipping" is the best way to snuff a candle. Unlike blowing out a candle, "dipping" the wick prevents the residual smoking and smoldering that can occur. Dipping also reduces soot emissions. 

How to use your C9SC Wick Dipper:   The burning wick is instantly snuffed when submerged in the wax pool and is left coated with a thin layer of wax

  1. Use the curved end of the Wick Dipper to push the burning wick into the molten w
  2. Lift the wick back up out of the wax
  3. Position the wick straight up, and reposition back to center if needed

The perfect companion to your Wick Dipper is the Wick Trimmer

Matte black, stainless steel, 8" long. Comes with instructions on how to use. 

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