I'm Lisa, Founder + Owner of C9SC, located in the Hartland suburb of Milwaukee, WI

My adventures in soap making began over a decade ago while I was a practicing Registered Nurse with certification in Wound & Skincare and kitchen chemistry was my creative outlet. C9SC was a natural evolution that took root in those early years. As I became more and more challenged by the the chemistry of formulating, I fell in love with applying the science of what I know about skin care to the art of my craft, which is where the magic happens.

In 2009, during a transitional time in my life, I left behind my nursing career to chase my dream and create a new and better life for my young son and I. Fast forward seven years and I now work full-time in my company using my passion for healthy living and my education to inspire others to live their best life while enjoying my eco-luxurious apothecary line.

I'm a single mom with an enormous dream and a work ethic to match. Raising my son, who works part-time in the business, has been my greatest joy. 2017 is going to find me facing the Empty Nest dragon and I expect I will again recreate a version of myself. I'm a passionate traveler and outdoors person, a yogi, a foodie and a health nut.

In July, 2016 I checked "author" off of my bucket list when I published my first book!

I feel so very blessed to have the loyal support of folks like yourself who value authentic, small batch, handcrafted in the USA.

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