I make eco-luxurious bath & body essentials inspired by my passion for healthy living.

I've taken my knowledge and experience as a Registered Nurse with certification in Wound & Skincare to apply soild science behind all of my products.

The soaps are handcrafted in 80 bar batches using the traditional cold process method, plant-based oils and unrefined butters chosen for their nourishing properties and luxurious feel to gently cleanse without stripping moisture from the skin. 

What makes my soap better than other soaps? I use food-grade ingredients which is essential to crafting a high quality bar of soap. And balance,  balance is key. A great bar of soap needs the correct ratio of cleansing oils to conditioning oils, and the correct proportion of lye to liquid. I cut my bars to weigh a generous 5 oz., that's 25% larger than the industry standard which is a 4 oz. bar.

I don't dilute or disguise any of my products with cheap filler oils, mineral oil, tallow, lard, petroleum, artificial colorants or skin stripping chemicals. You'll never find sulfates, phthlates or parabens in my products. I source my essential oils, clays, and botanicals local and fair-trade globally, organic when called for. I never skimp on the good stuff, in fact, I usually double it.

It's a scientific fact that scent is powerful memory trigger. Scent connects us to the present moment and influences mood, feelings, and emotions so I pay meticulous attention to the art and science of scent blending to that capture magic. The simple pleasure of a beautiful scent doesn't require planning or take up any of our time to enjoy, it's a quick hit of guilt-free indulgence. I'm delighted to offer you a carnival of scents:

  • 100% essential oil soaps 
  • Soaps made with phthlate-free fragrance oil blended with essential oil (noted in the ingredients in the listing)
  • All of my leave-on products: lotion, body oil, face oil and deodorant are made with 100% essential oils.

I believe that the ritual of bathing is an oasis, that natural is better, and that handmade in the USA matters.

My products naturally cleanse, condition and hydrate the skin and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any medical condition.


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