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Cloud Nine Soap Co.

Soap Bag: Soap Saver, Scrubber & Exfoliator

Soap Bag: Soap Saver, Scrubber & Exfoliator

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Our all-natural, eco-friendly Soap Bag perfectly houses one bar of C9SC soap, or a collection of soap scraps, ends and pieces. Use it in place of a washcloth or to gently exfoliate your skin. 

How To Use:
* Add a full size bar or left over soap pieces to the bag, pull the cotton drawstring to close 
* Dampen the bag with water until it softens
* Work the bag with bar between your hands to create thick, lush lather 

Ideal for:
* Working up a super lather
* Extending the life of your bar
* Travel, take your bar soap with you
* Using up every last bit of soap

Care instructions:
After showering, remove the soap, rinse the bag, and hang the bag to dry for next use.
Keep the soap on our High & Dry Soap Dish to allow the bar to dry completely between uses.

Size: 3.5"W  x 5.5" H  |  Material: ramie cotton  |  Closure: drawsting

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