cloud nine soap co beer soap
  • cloud nine soap co beer soap
  • Cloud Nine Soap Co. handmade soap

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This is a work horse bar of soap.

Kick start your day with Brew City Tea Tree Soap, made with Shea butter, local beer, local coffee and essential oils of tea tree and peppermint.

"The smell is not "girly" all my male employees use it, and LOVE it! It is truly a hard working soap, but the lather and gentle "scrubbies" make it feel like a fancy high falutin' bar of ritzy titzy soap!!! I keep coming back for more!!!! THANKS LISA!! You spoil us!!!" -Susan Tracy, Indiana

Features & Benefits:

  • 100% essential oil soap.
  • Why add beer to soap? For superior lather. The alcohol is burned off in the soapmakining process leaving behind only the sugar and sugar kicks up lather. So, no - you will not smell like beer.
  • Tea tree and peppermint oils are known for their deep cleansing, naturally deodorizing, and antiseptic properties
  • I've added finely ground coffee beans and hops to give the bar just a bit of non-abrasive grit

Ingredients: love, beer, saponified oils of palm, olive, coconut, castor, shea butter, coffee beans, essential oils, kaolin clay, hops.  5 oz.