Cloud Nine Soap Co. Goats Milk soap
  • Cloud Nine Soap Co. Goats Milk soap
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It doesn't get any more organic, pure, or simple than this bar. 

My goat's milk soap delivers the most creamy, lush lather you'll ever experience. It's my top selling and most requested soap among eczema sufferers and people with sensitive or troubled skin because the real benefit of this bar is what's not in it.

"I have Eczema & have tried EVERY type of soap specifically for this condition with no relief. I tried the Goats Milk soap. & it works like a charm. My skin has never felt better!" -Karen K., Hartland, WI

Features & Benefits:

  • Made with 100% goats milk
  • The pH of goats milk is similar to our own skin which makes this soap especially mild.
  • The milk fat makes this a super emollient soap.
  • Goats milk contains naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acid which helps soften and slough off dead flaky patches to reveal healthy, glowing skin beneath.
  • Fragrance free, safe for even the most sensitive and delicate of skin.
  • This bar is an excellent facial cleansing bar.

Ingredients: love, goats milk, saponified oils of olive, coconut, palm, castor. That's it. 5 oz.