When All Else Fails, Take A Bath: Lisa's Rescue Bath Soak Recipe

When All Else Fails, Take A Bath: Lisa's Rescue Bath Soak Recipe


FACT: You don't need to spend a fortune on bath soaks and salts, you can make your own with a few simple ingredients.

Taking a bath is one of those things that most people rarely do, yet when they do, they wonder why they don't do it more often. A 20-30 minute soak in a hot mineral infused bath has always been my go-to when I need to escape the day, or I'm feeling down or stressed. And today I am going to share with you my favorite DIY bath soak recipe. It's restorative, simple, and inexpensive.

A rescue bath with a cup of hot chamomile tea (or a glass of wine when I am really stressed) combined with crawling directly into bed with freshly laundered sheets is well, heavenly. Nothing compares.

Lisa's Rescue Bath Soak

1 1/2 cups dead sea salt
1 cup epsom salt
1/2 cup of  "Real" brand salt or grey celtic sea salt
1/8 cup of bentonite clay
10-20 drops lavender essential oil
10-20 drops frankincense essential oil

Place all dry ingredients in a large metal or glass bowl, mix to blend. Drizzle essential oils into the batch and mix well with your hands. Store in a tightly sealed mason jar.

To Use:
Add 1 cup of this salt soak to hot bath water. Soak for 20 minutes. Let it all go. Relax. Inhale. Enjoy.


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