I Want It ALL This Year!

I Want It ALL This Year!

Anyone else feel the pressure of January 1st looming? All week long I've been in a panic over not being ready for all the things I said I'd "start" on New Years Day but I did not prepare for because, well, because I didn't. End of story. I'm not prepared to ring in the New Year with list in hand of resolutions, promises and lofty goals. 

Truth be told, I'm in a funk. Underwhelmed by what I did not get done this past year, and overwhelmed by the promises I've made to myself for the upcoming year but have almost zero enthusiasm to tackle.

So today I've concluded that it's stupid, really, to put that kind of pressure on myself simply because of a date on the calendar. The fact of the matter is that every day is a new day and another opportunity to do more, or less. To do better. To do that thing, or all the things, or none of the things. To start something. Or to end something. 

2017 is going to be the year of The Whole Enchilada. 

The backstory: In early 2016, as a result of shocking and ominous lab results that I received in late 2015, I did The Whole Life Challenge followed by The Whole 30 elimination diet months later. My goal was to lower my cholesterol, my trigycerides, my A1-C and my cortisol levels which were all at critically high levels. And I am proud to report that I did it! I lowered all of those numbers and wiped out my risk factors without drugs. Not that I believe drugs are a bad thing, but I am too young to be taking the same meds as my dad. I lowered my numbers by doing the Whole Enchilada: diet, excersize, yoga and stress management. I did it all, because I want it all.

What I discovered during my Whole Enchilada was that I felt and looked amazing but it wasn't until I felt so good that I realized I was feeling so bad.

So my plan is to kick off a new Whole Enchilda sometime in January. Letting go of a January 1st start date energized me. My Whole Enchilada is my direct path to health, happiness and feeling beautiful.

What does any of this have to do with beauty? Beauty is about health, it's about feeling good. When you feel good, you look good. There is no magic product or procedure that will do this for you. There is no holy grail skin care product, regardless of pricetag or marketing hype, that will clear up your skin or get you glowing. There's a reason that the beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and that when you enter a high end department store, it's through the cosmetics department and not boys underwear. The fact of the matter is that our skin is a reflection of what's going on inside of us.

I invite you to join me. In the blogs to follow I will share with you my Whole Enchilada which encompasses diet, getting outdoors, yoga, detaching from toxic people and things, joy seeking, managing expectations, finding and maintaining balance, and living with stress which is a fact of life.

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