Lisa's Famous Sweet Corn-In-August Recipe

August means two things: tomatoes and sweet corn. I eat sliced tomatoes with just salt and the following corn recipe as an entire meal all the month of August.

My Famous Corn recipe is absolutely delicious. But, you do have to use fresh thyme and homegrown sweet corn. Canned or frozen corn will not do. No fresh corn? Skip it. Don't even bother with this recipe.

6 ears of bi-color sweet corn from your local farmers market
2 bunches green onion, sliced (just the white part, no greens)
1 Tbsp. fresh thyme
Kosher salt
Gobs of butter

Boil the sweet corn, cool to touch, and then cut the kernels from the cob. Or run the cob of corn under the faucet to get it wet, wrap the cob in Saran wrap, and microwave it for 6 minutes. Easy peasy. Then simply toss the corn kernels with the butter, thyme, salt and pepper. Enjoy!


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