I'm A Published Author!

I've been a "writer" since high school when I started keeping a journal. There's something about taking pen to paper that feels magical. I still keep a hand-written journal and I imagine I always will becasue I've never completely transitioned to "writing" on a computer screen. I find the actual act of writing relaxing.

Friends would tell me, "Lisa, you should write a book" and I'd smile but I never really imagined publishing my work until last year when I was approached by a friend in my industry to co-author a book with her. Writing content is the easy part, the editing and actual publishing process is grueling.  But I am thrilled to tell you that on July 31, 2016, our book published and is now available on Amazon and Kindle. You can take a peek at our book here (for $9.95 you can own it).

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