My Flower-Cutting Garden. Plan Yours Today!

Fresh-cut flowers are the ultimate in home decor, don't you think? They brighten up any room with color, aroma and interest. Anyone with a bit of space can grow a cutting garden. You don't need a huge plot of land, any dedicated space will do. Even large pots on your porch or balcony will work. 

I have 4 large raised beds in my garden and one of these beds is reserved for flowers that I cut. One my favorite passtimes this time of year is dreaming about and planning for that bed. Gardening brings me great joy and a sense of pride. I enjoy planning, planting, caring for the bed during the growing season and then of course, the harvest!

Fresh-cut flowers make me happy and when I've grown them myself, it doubles the happiness. And I can't tell you how delighted people are when you bring them a fresh-cut bouquet from your garden.

Here are things to consider as you plan your cutting garden:

  • First and foremost, remember you are growing to cut, this is not an ornamental bed for you or your neighbors to enjoy looking at, so don't stress about it getting messy! It will get messy.
  • Pay attention to when the flowers you choose bloom and plant accordingly so you will have a variety of flowers available all throughout the growing season.
  • Color: do you like random colors or is there a color pallette you'd like to follow? Pink and yellow flowers are easy to find.
  • Plan to plant folliage, too. You need greens; green build a foundation for your bouquet.
  • Lay out your cutting garden on paper. Focus on each plant's height, sun requirement, blooming season and water requirements.
  • Choose both perennials and annuals. Each year I invest in one beautiful perennial for my bed. Last year it was Asian lilies because they smell so amazing. And the year before, I chose a classic pink peony.
  • Research and choose flowers that are hearty in your region.

The photo above is of flowers from my 2016 garden. I bring the vase right outdoors with me and cut the boutquet in the garden which keeps the cutting/arranging mess outside rather than in my kitchen. 

What's your favorite flower?

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