How To Make Your Own Fancy  Drinking Water

How To Make Your Own Fancy Drinking Water

Drinking plenty of water each day (six, 8oz. glasses) is one of the best things we can do for our skin. But it's a struggle for me, because I get so bored with drinking plain old water. How about you? I don't drink soda and iced tea gets boring very quickly, too.

Last week I was surfing Pinterest and came upon flavored water recipes that sounded refreshing for summer. So I bought these cool glass bottles on Amazon to give it a whirl,  here's a link.

For the price ($20), I expected cheap bottles with plastic caps. I was absolutely delighted to open the box and find these bottles! In fact, I immediately ordered 6 more bottles. No more Ice Mountain water in a plastic bottle for this household.

These Epica beauties are heavy glass with silicone sealed metal lids. They do NOT leak. I've filled them and tossed them in my bag with no issues at all.

I'm having a blast mixing up flavored waters using what ever fruits are in my refrigerator and herbs from my little garden on my front porch:

My favorite blend so far is strawberry/basil/mint. It's delish! Each evening now I make up a batch, which involves dropping cut up fruit and herbs into the bottle and then filling it with my RO tap water, and placing the bottles in my refrigerator to infuse over night. The next morning, voile! Fancy Water.

I plan to play around with new recipes to keep it interesting, and I intend to have 12 of these Fancy Waters in my refrigerator at all times. I will have absoultely no excuse for not drinking my water quota each day.

Do you have a favorite Fancy Water recipe to share with me??

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I’m very excited about you developing a Jasmine scent! I first fell in love with Jasmine when I traveled to Egypt years ago. I was given a lai threaded with Jasmine flowers that was placed around my neck as I boarded a boat to travel the Nile River. Since then, I search for health care products with the beautiful Jasmine scent that transport me to exotic adventures. Best wishes developing the perfect combination to sell!


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