Grilled Salmon: Frig to Plate in 20 Minutes

Grilled Salmon: Frig to Plate in 20 Minutes

Skin Care Tip: eat more fish.
I'm all about eating healthy. But honestly, who isn't? Do you ever hear anyone say, "I am all about eating junk 24/7, looking like hell and feeling like crap". What you eat is reflected in the appearance and condition of your complexion. Healthy skin is happy skin. 

Where I get into trouble is when I'm tired, hungry, and I don't have a well stocked frig and pantry with staples and the basics. And simple recipes! My idea of "simple" is 1) under a half hour 2) and not a lot of prep and putzing around.

The Department of Health says we should eat fatty fish twice a week. I aim for twice a month because I am not a huge fan of these fish. I take a fish pill suppliment daily, but this is not ideal. Oily/fatty fish is "brain food". It's good for us because it's very high in naturally occuring Omega-3, an essential fatty acid that we can only get through our diet, the body does not synthesize it. We need Omega-3's for our heart, brain, and joint health.

Sadly, I am not talking about the Friday Night Fish Fry, a Wisconsin tradition, where the deliciousness of the fish is determined and declared when "it doesn't taste fishy"! I'm talking mackerel (yuk), sardines (double yuk), herring (no way, no how) tuna and salmon. Not breaded. Not fried. Not dripping in butter. No tartar sauce. But Salmon which is high protein and low in fat is do-able when it's grilled and has NO SKIN. It's the skin that gives the fish that super fishy flavor.
Here's my favorite way to prepare and eat Salmon and it's actually really good! Copper River Salmon (Alaska), which runs only once a year from mid-May to mid-June is about as good as it gets. It's pricy but soooo worth it.

My Recipe:
Always buy a wild-caught - not farm raised - salmon and place it skin side down on a sheet of heavy duty aluminum foil.
Rub the fish with olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt, give it a heavy handed squirt of lemon and top it with a sprig of fresh rosemary (I grow rosemary year round). Then seal the fish up into a foil packet.

Place the packet on a 500+ degree pre-heated grill, close the lid and grill 10 minutes. Open the lid, open the foil packet, and cook the fish another 2 minutes.
Remove the foil packet to a plate. Open it up.
Flip the fish over onto the plate and voile! the gross skin is left behind on the foil.
Give the fish another squirt of lemon and enjoy!

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