I Found A Yoga Bra That Actually Fits A Real Woman

I want to share with my big busted sisters what I know about the sports bra. It's a unicorn! I am 5'2", 120 lbs and am a 34DD. I have yet to find a brand of yoga clothing that's designed to fit girls like me. It's frustrating to thumb through yoga magazines, ads, and catalogs and see the yoga models they feature. I almost never see anyone who looks like these women in my class. I'm betting none of them are more than a small "B" cup. Yoga tops with "built-in" bras are a joke. They do not contain boobs. And where does a girl go who needs "mambo" shop (me) when Sports Bras are sized small, medium or large?

I practice yoga several times a week at a studio and this means that my lady parts need a lot of support. Sun salutations, a series of poses at a quick pace, can be very rigorous. My yoga classes are co-ed and I've experienced a couple of close calls in Down Dog. I'm not sure if the men appreciate this sort of distraction and I do think yoga etiquette calls for a degree of modesty.

For a long time I sacrificed comfort for fit and I wore this Natori Bra. The cups are generous and actually do fit, but the underwire digs-in and cuts-in in forward fold. This bra fits but feels super tight around the rib cage and actually hurts by the end of class. The bra is also really hard to get on over the head and the clasp in the back is nearly impossible to hook without help.

Recently, I found this La Isla Bra and the moment I put it on the sky opened up and the angel sang. This bra fits great! It comes in traditional cup sizes, is a racer back, it's comfortable, moves, breathes and is available in fun colors.

Namaste Yogis.

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Hanging, literally, with you! DD here too and tired of the “high impact” that brings impact in another kind of way. Checking this out, thanks Lisa! xoxo (Emma too, but she’s more like those magazine girls and I surely hope she stays that way! ;) xoxo


I am one of your BB Sistas and can definitely see a need in the market for better fitting sports bras for us that need the “Mambo”.


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