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I've made mention recently of the fact that I am making some lifestyle changes to benefit my physical health. One of the things that I've done and discovered is that although I do not have food allergies or intolerances that require me to be on a specific diet, I just feel better when I don't O.D. on carbs.

So, 8 weeks ago to test a theory, I cut myself down to 20 net carbs per day to carb detox. The results have been life changing. I lost 15 pounds without trying. The weight literally fell off of me and 95% of that weight I now realize I was carrying in my belly. My belly is flat. The bloat is g-o-n-e. The first week was rough, I'm not gonna lie. But then the carb cravings did subside and a sense of well-being and new found energy emerged. I also rarely feel hunger. I have to remind myself to eat, and I do eat 3 times a day, hungry or not, to keep my blood sugar stabilized.

I had postponed going low carb because I knew it meant I would be giving up pasta and pasta is not only my favorite food, it is [was] my go-to food. I ate pasta a few times a week.  Last week I made an amazing discovery and it is this: it's not the pasta I love, it's the sauce. I make a very simple kick-ass sauce that I could seriously eat every single day. [I will post that recipe at a later date]. I was chatting with my friend Danielle about this carb thing and she suggested that I get myself The Veggetti. I still laugh out loud each time I say the word, "Veggetti"; it seems to me like some gorgeous Italian version of the pronunciation of lady parts. Go ahead, say it, 3 times ... Veggetti! Let it roll off your tongue. Kind of sexy, don't you think?

I had to go to the "As Seen On TV" section at a store I loathe that begins with a "W" and ends in a "Mart" to find The Veggetti. I reluctantly purchased it for $14.95 and I am now wondering how it is that being the foodie that I am I'd never heard of The Vegetti? It transforms zucchini into pasta. I'm not kidding. It's nothing short of amazing. Okay, well, childbirth is amazing, but The Veggetti is remarkable. [Mom, if you're reading this, guess what you're getting for your birthday next week?]

I have discovered that I do not miss pasta at all. The pasta as it turns out, was nothing more than a vehicle to deliver the sauce. Pasta really doesn't have much flavor' it's all about the sauce. I have not and never will give up my pasta sauce.

I Veggetti-up a medium zucchini and saute it with a Tbsp. of olive oil on high for about 3 minutes to get the moisture out and then I substitute this for the pasta. The texture is very close to that of a noodle and the zucchini actually adds a wonderful sweetness to the dish that offsets the spicy/fennel flavor of my sauce.

My family won't touch it. Not even Millie, my Pug. So be it, more for me!

Do you have The Veggetti and a recipe to share? Please post it in the comments below or email it to me.

XO, L.

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Now I want a Veggetti…
and, I will never be able to say it without thinking of the Italian!

Lisa Dolloff

Thanks sounds great I am going to try it out!

chris greten

I might really go to Walmart and find this. I keep seeing it, but was very skeptical. Your post was the inspiration I need. :)


Lisa! Yes! My assistant got this and said she had to get the hang of using it. Also, congrats on losing that weight. When I started Weight Watcher in June of 2014, I started eating less carbs and more fruits and veggies…it has been life changing! You have inspired me to go ahead and get one of these! xoxo

Jennifer Hardaway

H+B and Donna Maria, so glad to have inspired you to get this gizmo. Make sure you share your recipes with me!

Lisa @C9SC

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