Hiking Essentials You Need In Your Backpack

Recently, I talked about my favorite hiking shoes and socks and today I want to share with you what I pack to take along on a Day Hike.

Rick, Johnny and I have hiked a National Park every summer since 2009 and we also take local day trips to take advantage of the beautiful State Parks we have here in Wisconsin.

The Pack: I had a Camelback for a couple of years, but I sold it on Craig's List because the water bladder takes up too much space in the pack and added too much weight to my back. Plus the Camelback sat flat on my back and did not allow air to circulate around it making it very uncomfortable in the heat. I now have this pack and I love it.

The Hike: We set out on the trail after a hearty breakfast and we generally stay out until sunset. We've learned to dress in layers and to leave room in the pack to tuck clothes away; early morning will start out chilly, it gets hot during the day, but then as the sun sets it gets chilly again so it's essential to dress in layers that can be added/removed accordingly. It's also very important to always be prepared for rain.

My Day Pack Essentials:
2 refillable water bottles (start out with them full of ice & water)
A waterproof, breathable jacket. I have this one and it's awesome.
An extra pair of socks
First-Aid Kit: bandaids, moleskin in case of a blister, ACE wrap, Tylenol, Benadryl, an insect bite stick, a crush activated ice pack,a tick removal tool .
Bug Spray rated for ticks, biting flies and mosquitoes
Sunglasses (I've invested in these Serengetis and adore them)

A Leatherman pocket knife and tool
A compass and trail map
$20.00 bill

Lunch/Snacks: a wheel of cheese, crackers, fruit, nuts, beef jerkey, and granola.

I also carry a telescoping hiking pole when I am on mountain trails and trials that have a lot of elevation changes.

(PS: That's a photo of me at the top of Yosemite Falls - an 8+ hour hike that had been on my bucket list and was a huge accomplishment for me.)

Happy hiking! XO, Lisa

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Long walks in nature, so up lifting. Thank you for sharing.

Health and Beauty Facts

Roberta, congratulations! Those are some huge accomplishments. Hiking is addictive.

Lisa @C9SC

Very approachable and informative! Thank you for sharing this.

Preston Tillotson

Fabulous. What an accomplishment. I was never a hiker, then my brother literally dared me to go to Mt. Kilimanjaro with him for his 50th. How could I not take the dare! My sis came too. We all made it. Then we did the Inca Trail for my 50th. I am now a lover of hiking. Camping at night after a long day on the trail.. not so much, but the hike itself.. priceless! LOL


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