I Did It!

Today marks the end of the 30 Blog Day Challenge that I issued to myself. Yay.

You my dear reader, helped me to discover that: 
* Writing was way more work than I had anticipated it would be.
* My expectations needed to shift and they did.
* I found my voice.
* My most creative time of day is first thing in the morning, fresh out of bed.
* 30 days really is enough time to get into a groove, to develop a new habit.
* I should do more 30 Day Challenges to keep myself in check.

Thank you so very much for reading along. There is still time to comment on the blogs and be entered to win one of the three prizes I have in store. I will select and announce the three winners on Monday; winners will be selected based upon the total number of comments you have posted over the 30 days. Those three winners are going to receive a Christmas In July Gift Box loaded with C9SC products valued at $75. Photo to follow.

XO, Lisa

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Way to go Lisa! I’ve enjoyed reading them – keep it up!

Cindy Nicholson

XOXOXO Lynne and Sharon! Thanks so much for reading an commenting. Be sure to tune in Monday when I annoucne the winners. wink

Lisa @C9SC

Commenting on my “3G” connection up north so wondering how long it will take to actually post this! Congratulations – writing is hard, and I think creative writing is even harder!! (When I write, it’s mostly of the “geeky” scientific variety). Feel accomplished! And keep writing! Even if it’s not every day for a challenge, you obviously love it. Keep that passion at the ready…it has been great reading along. How quickly 30 summer days go by… Now cheers to you! Cork a bottle and celebrate :-)

Lynne F

Yea Lisa, congrats on the 30 day challenge. I enjoyed reading your blogs. They were very interesting and informative, I am sorry I missed out on the earlier ones due to working long hours. hopefully I will be able to catch the next go around. Hugs to you.


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