How To Choose The Correct Shade of Lipstick


Truth: Women transform into elegant individuals when they have perfect fashion sense. The entire look of a woman changes when she is aware of the lip color that best suits her skin tone. The accurate complementary shade of lipstick can brighten one’s complexion, oomph one’s eyes and enhance one’s whole appearance.

Let's look at the most classic shade of lipstick: Red. Just as there is not one perfect hair color that suits all, there is not one "perfect shade of red". Blue based reds are completely different than yellow based reds. Wearing the incorrect shade of red for your complexion can be downright clownish. But roll on the correct shade of red and whoa! Red lips + white teeth = sexy.

Blue based reds enhance cool undertones (pale skin) and yellow based reds will spark on warm undertones (olive skin) Very few women can pull of "cherry red", which is "cold red", meaning red with the absence of any other pigment.

Some of the most famous red lipsticks based on blue color, are:
L'Oreal Infallible Le Rouge in Ravishing Red
MAC Red Lipstick in Red Russian or Ruby Woo
Chanel Rouge Allure in Lover or Coco in Rivoli
NARS Lipstick in Fire Down Below

Some of the most famous red lipsticks based on yellow color, are:
MAC Red Lipstick in Lady Danger
MAC Red Lipstick in Chili
Estee Lauder in Red Tango
Yves Saint Laurent in Red Muse
L'Oreal Color Riche in Pure Scarleto

Let’s review:
Skin tones are generally a result of skin pigmentation, which varies from region to region geographically. It is  important to be aware of three things:
1. Identify your skin tone: There are generally three types of skin tones; yellow, pink and dark.
2. Knowing what shades suit your skin tone: Warmer colors should be preferred for yellow undertones, and for pink and darker skin colors, blue and purple tones are preferred.
3. Pick shades based on your skin color: olive, fair, or dark.

Following are the skin tones mentioned along with the colors of the lipsticks that will suit them.

Fair and Light skin tones: The popular color right now includes Coral Matte lipstick; this color is a good choice for summer and gives a natural look. The color is not too bold and it will make your eyes stand out. Rich Red Lipstick gives a beautiful and confident look to fair skin women with pinkish or rosy hues. It is a very popular color and looks great on light skin.

Medium and Olive skin tones : Shades that complement medium undertone will leave you looking radiant and fresh. Orange Lipstick: This is an amazing playful, trendy color that can be worn every day. Orange lips with nude eyes give a nice summery look. This color is a little bold but it makes your lips look luscious if you use the lipstick with a lip gloss.

Deeper and Dark skin tones: The characteristics for choosing a good lip color depends on color shades, long lasting quality, moisture content, and maintenance. Before using a lipstick on dark skin it is advised that women apply a primer on their lips. Brown Lipstick: Dark is gorgeous when combined with complementing shades such as red or brown. The makeup should also be of the right contrast with your hair color, hair and eye color. Coral Lipsticks for dark skin: To balance out your skin tone you can apply a touch of gold lip gloss on top hence making your yellow undertones to sparkle bright.

What is your favorite shade and brand of lipstick?
[I love MAC and I use their lipsticks almost exclusively].

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SPE, there’s something about wearing lipstick that just makes me feel, well, prettier. I only wear shades of nudes for the most part, but even with my hair in a ponytial, I feel more attractive if I am wearing it. What’s your favorite brand or shade?

Lisa @C9SC

Haven’t been wearing colored lipstick lately just a clear lip gloss however I am ready to start again – I use to wear it all the time in my young days, and you are correct the right shade looks great.


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