Do I Really Need Sunscreen Everyday + My Favorite Sunscreen

Almost everyone (except me) likes the summer heat and many, many people go sun bathing for the entire day in places where the sun is blazing hot. Getting a sun tan is a favorite with people living in areas like the Midwest were it is cold much of the year. But even if you really like getting sun tanned, you should not forget the importance of using a sunscreen. Today’s sun is much harsher than it was a couple of decades back and no matter how good the sun’s heat feels, it is very important to wear sunscreen to prevent not only skin cancer but also to prevent premature aging of the skin.

The sun emits Infrared and Ultraviolet radiations and those rays can cause a great deal of damage to the skin ranging from minor skin hyperpigmentation, to cancer. A sun tan may be fashionably attractive, but it can cause gradual skin damage, and in no time it makes the skin look burnt and extremely wrinkled. Ultraviolet-induced skin aging (also known as photo-aging) is a long-term result of sun exposure. Unnecessary exposure to the sun without using a sun block leads to sagging, premature wrinkling and causes hyperpigmentation (those age spots that appear due to extreme impairment of the skin by the sunlight).

The Ultraviolet rays weaken the immune system by allowing oncogenic (cancer) cells to proliferate. Thus these harmful UV rays contribute to immunosuppression. Sporadic, intense UVR exposure, often producing sunburn, is believed to be more closely associated with melanoma than is chronic sun exposure. One blistering sunburn in childhood or adolescence doubles the risk of melanoma later in life; five sunburns by any age doubles the risk as well.

Sunscreen is one vital and preventive tool that can protect the body against these UV assaults. Sun block provides a comprehensive photo-protection program which helps prevent destructive radiation from penetrating our bodies. Sunscreen is also used to prevent premature aging of the skin by blocking the radiation of the sun from reaching the skin cells. It is understandable that all women do not wear sunscreen every day and they think that wearing sunscreens in winter is unnecessary but not using a sunscreen at all can result in early sagging of skin.Your skin is vulnerable to the UV rays even when you are sittings next to a window, because glass cannot protect you against the sun’s harmful radiation. For this reason wearing a sunscreen with a particular Sun Protection Factor (SPF), every day is a must. Although not applying sunscreen is not life threatening, it greatly threatens the quality of life.

Protect your skin from the sun, especially during the peak hours (10am to 4pm) and wear protective clothing, including a wide-brimmed hat and UVR-blocking sunglasses. Wearing sunscreen daily is your best defense to avoid signs of early aging and skin cancer.

I have SUPER sensitive skin that seems to react to everything and I have tried a lot of different sunscreen products on my skin. My favorite sunscreen products are by Peter Thomas Roth.  They are non-greasy, absorb quickly and are not heavy and waxy like so many of the zinz oxide based sunscreens that feel chalky and heavy on my skin. Roth's suncreen product is also available in a push-up brush applicator powder stick that is super handy to keep in my pocket when I am gardening or doing something outdoors where I am sweating. Make sure you read labels my friends. Do not use sunscreens or any products that are not properly labeled. The FDA calls for it and it is your right to know exactly what you are putting on your face.


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A great topic!!! One of my favorite websites, especially when it comes to sunscreen for the kiddos:
Great information. Consumer reports had a recent feature as well and it was interesting to find that some of the “cheap” store brands fared quite well in efficacy. For us WI folks, just as important to remember the sunscreen on our faces in winter- snow reflection can make winter burns brutal if out skiing, snowshoeing etc!

Lynne F

You have made some very good points, wish I knew then (when I was younger) what I know now. I enjoy sitting outside but do so in the shade now. No longer am I after that golden tan, I’m fair skinned and can see the difference in my skin from years in the sun when I was younger. I believe we have all seen those elderly individuals whose skin looks like leather and I do not want to be one of those so never leave the with less than 30 on, just have to be careful of the ingredients – if it smells like coconuts I pass, something about it makes me break out in a rash. Go figure!


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