Hamburgers + Fat Boys

I've been told more than a whole lot of times that I make the VERY BEST hamburger in the world.

Hamburgers-On-The-Grill are my most requested menu item by my son's friends and although I am not much of a red meat eater myself, I make these for the boys on a regular basis. Burgers on the grill are perfect for picnics after day-hikes and 4th of July parties. The secret to my burger is 3-Fold
1) the type of ground beef you buy,
2) how you form the patty,
3) and the grilling technique

1) This is my one exception to buying lean cuts of beef. When it comes to hamburger, look for a nothing leaner than a 80/20 mix. I am not sure what the "80" is, or the "20", and I'm positive I really don't want to know. But this blend ensures a juicy burger

2) When you form the meat into a patty, the trick is to handle and manipulate the meat as little as possible. Do not work it as though its Play Doh. I break off a chunk of ground beef from the brick and then simply press the corners in to round them and gently pat the top to flatten it a bit. I do not aggressively flatten the meat, or roll it into a ball and press it, or shape it. I think this is the key to a super tender burger. Salt + pepper generously.

3) Pre-heat the grill on high. Put the hamburger patties on when the temperature is over 400, close the lid and do not touch those burgers for 4 minute. Set a timer. Then turn the burgers, and at no point should you ever press the burgers into the grate with the back of the spatula like your dad does. Cook 4 more minutes on high heat, lid closed.  Turn off the heat and transfer the burgers to a plate. Cover the plate with foil and let the meat rest 5 minutes. While the burgers are resting, place buttered Kaiser rolls (not those cheap hamburger buns), butter-side down on the grill to toast them.

Serve bunned up burgers with a build-your-own buffet of toppings, Kettle style potato chips and ice cold beer. Dessert? Fat Boys! Best ice cream sammy on the planet.

Challenge Update: I am now officially over the half way mark of my 30 Day Blog Challenge. If you've been reading along, you know that there are prizes at the end and to be eligible to win, you need to comment on my blog posts. I originally thought that I would be giving away 10 prizes, but participation has not been what I had hoped for and I have decided to award 3 prizes and will make them GRAND prizes.

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Lynne, I was going to post about sunscreen today, but your comment prompted me to post another recipe: Grilled Copper River Salmon.

Lisa @C9SC

Lynne, I also love to grill chicken breasts and have them on hand for salads. I like to grill fresh veggies [tossed in olive oil and herbs] in a grill basket. And I have a great salmon method on the grill. If you want that recipe, I will post it?

Lisa @C9SC

Thanks JP! For reading, and for saying so.

Lisa @C9SC

Will have to give this a try! Not a huge red meat eater either, but will have to save up for this ;-) What other items do you like to grill?


Hi SPE, thanks for the tip. I have never heard of the punching a hole on the side of the burger. I will try this! If you are inclined to share secret seasonings, I am all ears ..

Lisa @ C9SC

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