30 Days. 20 Topics. 10 Winners.

Before you read this blog, take a look at this 3 minute video ..

Many, many months ago, I saw that video and I made a list of things that I wanted to do, things that I was pretty sure I could do ... for 30 days.

One of the things on my list was to resume writing. Since my previous creative outlet which is making soap has become a full time job, I find myself in search of new creative outlets. Cooking remains a creative outlet for me, and could be a fun 30 day challenge. I dabbled in knitting for awhile but it made me anxious rather than relaxed, so I set it aside. I am now into adult coloring books and although I love coloring and it does relax me, it does not inspire me.

Writing inspires me. Writing without boundaries.

I belong to a professional organization called the Indie Business Network and last week they issued us members a contest and a challenge; to write 30 blogs in 30 days. I am not going to participate in the contest, but I am going to take the writing challenge. I would love it if you would 1) help me come up with topics, and 2) follow along. I am going to write and post a blog a day for 30 days starting this Friday, June 19th. I have 10 topics ready to go, but I need 20 more. I've decided to also make this a contest becasue your time is valuable and I appreciate you reading along, so I will award 10 winners. You, the readers, will pick the prize. Sound fun?

If you want to support me and cheer me on:
Just read my posts. Comments make me happy and will propel me on to the next day but comments are not required.

If you want to enter the 30 Day Challenge Contest, do these 3 things:

1) Give me a topic (I may or may not use it). Nothing is off limits, it doesn't have to be soap/skin care related. What would you like to know, or talk about?
2) Tell me what you think is a great prize.
3) Read along for 30 days, and leave comments. Each time you comment, you will be awarded one entry into my contest. The more comments you leave, the better chance you will have at winning one of the 10 prizes.

I have added RSS feed to my blog so you can now subscribe and have my blogs delivered right to you, daily. You can visit my website daily and click "blog" on the navigation bar to view the new blog each day. The blogs will will also be hash-tagged #C9SC30 on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and you can find them there.

As soon as the prize is decided upon, I will announce it. You know I like to keep things simple, so all 10 prizes will be the same.

On July 20th, I will announce 10 winners.

7-17-15, Edited: My intial goal and plan was too lofty, I will be awarding 3 prizes because participation has not been what I had hoped. But those 3 lucky winners are going to LOVE what I have in store for them.

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Love this—and love your writing. I think you’ll do great and I’m so proud of you for pushing yourself a little outside your comfort zone! That is something that demands respect.

So, a topic suggestion…I love the idea of knowing more about what inspires you. Your story. Your passion. What propels you forward and why you do what you do. I’m all about hearing the stories of other women and using them to support one another along the journey. :)

As for a prize…it would be super fun to have a customer design & name a limited edition soap from top to bottom. Scent profile (with your guidance of course), color suggestions, additives, and naming it.

Three cheers for you, Lisa!

Stacia Guzzo

I would also love a sample soap of the month would be AWESOME! Because I <3 your soap, especially the Cantaloupe and Lily. How about talking about what goes into the process of deciding what you will make next?

Anne Esposito

Thanks Stephanie. I hope you’ll read along.

Lisa @C9SC

How exciting! A great way to establish and inspire new habits.

Stephanie Cummings

Hey Marilyn! Best of luck with the IBN Challenge. Have fun with it. Glad you enjoyed the TED video, it sure is a motivator, isn’t it?

Lisa @C9SC

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