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I am a note jotter and a list maker. I used to have scraps of papers with notes to myself and endless lists  laying all over my house, in my car, in my purse, by my computer and next to my bed. If something wakes me at night or is keeping me awake at night, I can not get back to sleep until I write it down.

If you, too, are a note taker/list maker, I have an App you are not going to be able to live without once you start to use it. It's called Wunderlist and it is free. It can be set to give reminders and due dates and can be synced with other users so you can assign and/or check off task on lists that you do as a group, a couple, or a family. My phone now houses all of my tasks and lists: grocery, Costco, books I want to read, movies I want to watch, songs I want to download, blog topics as they pop into my head, inventory I need to order from each supply company I work with, the chapters of a book I am going to write, my passwords, calls I need to make ... you get the idea.  Easy peasy.

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I am a note jotter myself, always have a list in my pocket and post it notes all over the house. I will give wunderlist a try – will be nice to have all notes in one spot.


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