Adult Coloring Books Are Great For Stress Management

I've (re)discovered the love of coloring. As a child, I was obsessed and as an adult I am remembering why. There is something zen-like in the act of coloring. It forces me to sit down, slow down and create for the sole purpose of beauty. Coloring is a mindless cact that has no rules, no boundaries and no expectations attached to it and becasue of this, it allows my mind to drift.  It's a creative's oasis.

My business can and does drain me of my creative energy. I mean that lovingly, in a good way. I put 110% into my craft but this comes with an expectation. I expect to sell what I make so I can earn a wage. For that reason, I am not able to do what I want to do, when I want to do it, for nothing other than the sake of beauty. Beauty, for me, is essential. I am happiest when I am surrounded by beauty. It makes me sad and sometimes downright angry that we live in a society that bombards us with the ugliest images and words that people have to offer, and it's an energy suck. A creative black hole. Coloring let's me create my own beautiful world. It calms me. It relaxes me. It brings me back to what's right with the world, rather than what is wrong with it.

Here's my proof of theory: a few weeks ago my 15 year old son asked me if he could color in my book. I was stunned. My son is very much a man's man. He plays high school Lacrosse, Call Of Duty (I hate these games) and his favorite televsion show is Game Of Thrones. I don't know why he likes to color, but I'm glad he does. It's interesting to see his work when I open the book; he seems to like very complicated patterns and lays down intricate color patterns.  My page choices and color patterns are random. His are very deliberate. Perhaps I need therapy? Or he does? LOL.

Check out Johanna Basford's story and her adult coloring books. She has two of them. Both of them have sold out all around the globe. I have Secret Garden and am waiting on Enchanted Forest, which is back ordered. Grab some markers or colored pencils, I highly recommend the Staedtler brand, and let go.
See if you don't just fall in love all over again.


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