Spotlight's On: The Comet Cafe's Beer Gravy

Who knows what I'm talking about? The Comet Cafe on Milwaukee's East Side serves the best meatloaf sandwich. Ever.  And the homemade pies and all-you-can-eat bacon served at the bar on Sundays is pretty spectacular, too.  But that meatloaf is the mother load. Let this blog serve as official record that if I am ever death row, this sandwich will be on my Top Five final meals.

The sammy is served open-faced sitting on crusty, course-grain salted rye bread and topped with garlic mashed potatoes, bacon and smothered in beer gravy. It doesn't get any more Milwaukee, Wisconsin, than this my friends. Beer. Gravy.

I've tried so many time to replicate that gravy. I've even googled a knock off recipe, here it is:
"I used butter plus a little bit of bacon grease and a little bit of chicken fat. I browned carrots, onions, and celery, then deglazed with just a bit of white wine and some O'Doul's beer (alcohol free). Added cake flour to make a roux, then chicken broth (part homemade) and beer and made a savory gravy. Used thyme as the primary herb for its seasoning, with just a bit of sage."

Now that is some really good gravy right there, but it doesn't come close to the Comet Cafe's beer gravy.

I would be forever in your favor if you had that recipe to share?

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