Milk Soaps

Skin care does not begin after you step out of the shower, skin care starts in the shower. I love milk soaps for that reason.

Milk based soaps, which have been around for centuries, are very kind to the skin. You may find that you need less moisturizer  after switching to a milk soap, which leaves skin feeling and looking softer and healthier.

Why milk? The chemistry of milk tells the story. Fat molecules are an important part of making good soap and milk is loaded with natural cream. The pH of goats milk is very close to the pH of human skin, a controversial topic, but I believe a fact that helps make goats milk soaps naturally gentle without the need for chemical additives. The milk contains lactic acid, an alpha-hydroxy and a natural exfoliant that promotes the shedding of dry dead skin cells on the skins surface to uncover brighter, healthier, new skin cells. In high concentration, lactic acid is what's used in cosmetic chemical peels. Milk contains tryglycerides which are emollients that quickly penetrate the skin leaving behind a layer of moisture on the skin’s surface; this fact, combined with the glycerin in the soap which attracts water from the air to the skin, results in a soap that optimizes skin moisturizing properties.

Milk soaps naturally contain fat, triglycerides, alpha-hydroxy acid, Vitamin A and minerals. My milk soaps (actually all of Cloud Nine Soap Co.'s soaps) contain their glycerin, a very effective moisturizer and a valuable byproduct of cold processed soap making that’s usually removed by commercial soap manufacturers and sold as a separate product.

Not all soap makers make milk soaps. These soaps are tricky to make and they call for a longer cure time. The high temperature chemical reaction that occurs during the soap making process can scorch the milk, both early on in the process and then later on during the 24 – 48 hour saponification period; ultimately high temperatures can ruin a batch, or the final bar. Milk soaps require lots of TLC to produce them, but they pay me back every time with how well they perform as soap.

Try one of my milk soaps; you won't be disappointed. I promise.

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