How To Make Infused Drinking Water

How To Make Infused Drinking Water

Two weeks ago I took on this 8 week Whole Life Challenge. One of the requirements is that I drink 45 oz. of water per day. Water. Not tea. Not coffee. Not juice, or soda or any other water-containing beverage, just water. Plain old water. That sounds like it should be so easy, right?, but it isn't.

I have to record how much water I drink every day on the WLC website and I was finding that I can't remember. I'd loose track. Most days, at around 8pm I'd find myself wondering if I even drank any water at all? So I'd start hustling to guzzle 3 or 4 glasses so I could make my mark and then be up during the night, peeing.

Water is boring and not something that I look forward to. Water became a burden; not only trying to remember to drink it but actually drinking it. Until this week. I bought myself a beautiful cherry red 40 oz. Hydroflask which keeps my water cold for days and now goes wherever I go. I fill it each night with ice water and then I add all sorts of goodies to that water and let it infuse overnight in the refrigerator. I wake up looking forward to my fancy water awaiting me and its a wonderful treat after yoga. I am loving my water! I find I am filling my Hydroflask back up most afternoons and drinking more than 45 oz. per day.

Here are some great combinations I've tried. Add them to a 32 oz. mason jar filled with water. Do not add sugar. Refrigerate over night so it all infuses.

Granny Smith apple slices, fresh ginger slices
Orange slices, cucumber sliced into strips, sprig of fresh thyme
Grapefruit slices, sprig of rosemary, a slice of jalapeno
Orange slices, fresh basil, halved grapes
Cucumber slices, strawberry chunks, fresh mint leaves

Try it! And also see what you come up with on your own and then come back and share it with me.

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