The Bathroom Is A Secret Haven of Self Absorption

The Bathroom Is A Secret Haven of Self Absorption

Mark Hampton was a famous 20th century Interior Designer to the American elite, including the likes of President and Mrs. George Bush and Estee Lauder.  He was best known for creating rooms that were comfortable and inviting. Mr. Hampton said that of all the decorating and remodeling projects a person undertakes in their lifetime, the bathroom is the most taxing because bathrooms “provide a place for private pampering, hidden from the scrutiny of others, these rooms are secret havens of self-absorption”

Showers are for convenience, they’re practical. But the bath tub? Bathing is an oasis. The ritual of bathing has nothing to do with cleanliness; tub bathing is a simple luxury that requires nothing more than a commitment to yourself to take care of you.  Once hooked, tub time becomes sacred time where the bathroom is transformed into sacred space.  

Imagine your very own secret haven of self-absorption, what does it look like? What would it take to transform your bathroom into your own secret haven of self absorption, a place where no one will judge you, rush you, or bother you?

Consider this for a moment - use money that you've earmarked for a once or twice a year "spa day" and instead spend it on things to create your own Bathing Ritual Basket. Tuck that basket of goodies away in a closet, and then once a week pull out that basket, lock the bathroom door and enjoy a Secret Hour of Self-Absorption in your own home.

You don't need persmission or a special occasion to take care of you, or to treat yourself. All you need is a promise to yourself to recharge your own battery. Maybe a bathing oasis for you is three times a week, or maybe it's just once a month. But schedule it, just as you schedule your routine dental cleaning and mamogram. Self care is healthcare and a commitment to taking care of you so that you have the energy to take care of all the people and things that are relying on you.

Bathing Ritual Basket Things To Consider:
Thick, soft, oversized cotton bath towel
Fragrant candles
Handcrafted soaps
Luscious lotions
Fragrant bath and body oils
Essential oils
Bath soaks and salts
Hydrating facial masks
Over the tub bath tray to hold everything
Tub pillow
Long handled bath brush
Fancy teas
Gourmet chocolates or nuts
A crystal glass for your wine or cocktail
Special mug for your tea
Music or Relaxation CD's, Audio Books

When I'm out and about, I always have an eye out for products and things that I can add to my basket, sometimes the splurge is a new scent or product sample, and sometimes its a $8 candy bar.

Start your Bathing Ritual Basket collection today. Commit to your healthy self.

Celebrate Tub Time!
XO, Lisa

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