Wild Orange Shampoo Bar, Cloud Nine Soap Co
  • Wild Orange Shampoo Bar, Cloud Nine Soap Co
  • Shampoo + Body Bar: Wild Orange
  • Shampoo + Body Bar: Wild Orange

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Keep it simple with this minimalist bar that's anything but plain.

Formulated for the hair and scalp, my Shampoo + Body Bar is loaded with hemp, sweet almond and castor oils to deliver deeply conditioning lather. It's also a fantastic body soap with a lather so dense that it works as a shave soap, too.

I've taken my shampoo bar formula and tweaked it to give it an outdoor enthusiast vibe; it smells like pure sunshine and the good earth.

The back story: This bar is a shout-out to my love of adventure and the great outdoors; from camping to gardening to hiking, my family and I are serious outdoor enthusiasts. Every year since 2009, we've hiked a National Park and I always return home with a deeper desire to do my part to insure I protect our planet. I keep things uncomplicated when I travel. I carry everything I need on my back when I hike. So my gear bag always includes my ultimate eco-bar, the Shampoo + Body Bar.

Features & Benefits:

  • 100% essential oil soap.
  • Returns your scalp to health, does not strip natural moisture, or pull color if your dye your locks.
  • Toss the bar in your bag and go! And rest assured there will be no more explosive disasters in your suitcase, carry-on, or backpack. 
  • Hikers, campers and skinny dippers - this eco-luscious bar is 100% biodegradable and perfectly safe for lakes, oceans and streams and the critters living in the great outdoors.

    To Use:
    Wet the bar and massage the bar directly into wet hair and enjoy the explosion of fragrant lather. Lather up head to toe, rinse and go!

    Ingredients: love, saponified oils of coconut, olive, palm, castor, avocado, hemp and essential oils. Net wt. 5 oz.