Salt Scrub Bar: Northwoods
  • Salt Scrub Bar: Northwoods

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Cleanse. Exfoliate. Hydrate. A C9SC exclusive 3-in-1 bar.

7-20-17: NEW half-moon shape, easier to hold in your hand. Same great bar.

Simplify your bathing routine with our bar that smells like juniper berry, white pine, and fresh air. It smells like home, Wisconsin home. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate all in one step, right in the shower.
  • No oily mess left behind in the shower/tub like you get with the goop in a jar.
  • Salt Bars are half cold processed soap and half sea salt, a natural exfoliate.
  • These bars are "superfatted" and deliver a dense lotion-like lather that leaves your skin feeling moisurized unlike any other bar of soap.
  • Made with organic sea salt and luxurious Himalayan pink salt.
  • A hefty 5.6 - 6 oz. bar

To Use:
This bar can be used daily; I suggest using it at least twice per week in place of your regular soap to keep skin polished and glowing. When the bar comes in contact with warm water, the top layer of salt dissolves into the water and the dense lather follows.

Ingredients: love, saponified oils of coconut, avocado, olive and castor, sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, essential oil, fragrance oil.