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  • Pure Soy Candles
  • Pure Soy Candles
  • Pure Soy Candles
  • Pure Soy Candles
  • Pure Soy Candles
  • Pure Soy Candles

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6 oz. metal tins, to compliment our 8 oz. frosted glass jars.

It's a scientific fact that scent is our biggest memory trigger. Scent can instantly transform a room, or a mood, in a magical way. So strike a match and surround yourself with joy, naturally.

Scent blending is my passion and it's taken me months and years of testing to create these unique candle fragrances that I hope will trigger good vibes, happy thoughts, and treasured memories.

"I opened the Cranberry and Fig candle, and a flood of memories came to me. Thank you Cloud Nine, for at that moment, I was back in my parents kitchen on Christmas Eve, many years ago. A beautiful holiday scent!" -Mary, Racine, WI

Features & Benefits of C9SC Candles:

  • Domestically grown soy wax
  • Cotton-core wicks
  • Fine fragrance and essential oil blends
  • Amazing scent throw
  • Burn time: 35-40 hours
  • No added colorants
  • 8 oz. frosted glass apothecary-inspired jar with aluminum lid and a modern, minimalist label that will compliment any decor

Staycation (bamboo, coconut, mango): 2020 vacation plans derailed? Strike a match, Staycation will transport you to that beach (boat-drink in hand) that you're probably not going to visit this year.
Sunday (champagne, blood orange, mimosa blossom): Celebrate the good times. Weekend patio goals include Mimosa's, am I right? Light it up, cheers!
Haven (white tea, jasmine, bergamot): Social distancing and quarantining are hard. Home space has become everything space. Make your space a place of tranquilty and protection when you burn Haven, inhale, and relax.
Cider House (honeycrisp apple, cinnamon, vanilla): It's almost Fall y'all. And this is not your standard "apple scented candle". Cider House will bring the apple-picking, cider-sipping orchard experience right to you.
Seaside (ocean breeze, crashing waves, sea salt): Dreaming of a road trip up the coast or a weekend in an oceanfront villa? Seaside will take you there.
 Harvest Moon (red currant, cranberry, oak): Channel your inner Neil Young and dream the night away.
Greenhouse (fresh-cut stems, succulents, english ivy) Imagine stepping into plant heaven - clean, "green", earthy - and tranquil.
Blaze (hemp, woodsmoke, spruce) Admittedly, this one is not for everyone. Hippie or Hipster, this one's for you. Blaze smells as the name suggests, only better. It's earthy and authentic and surprisingly compelling.

Burning Tips:
  • Trim wick to 1/4 inch before each burn
  • To prevent tunneling: allow the wax pool to reach the edge of the jar with every burn because soy was remembers the previous burn
  • Burn at least 1 hour but no more than 4 hours
  • Never leave an unattended candle burning, burn out of reach of kids and pets