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  • Essential Oil Roll-On Bottle

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Create your own aromatherapy essential oil blends in these glass roll-on bottles. This is a convenient way to carry your favorite essential oils or blends with you. Search google for blending ideas; be creative, have fun! Gift idea: create a custom or signature blend.

Here's how:
Combine a carrier oil such as jojoba, sweet almond, or fractionated coconut oil and up to 10% (20 drops) of your favorite C9SC essential oil(s)

  • add up to 20 drops of essential oil into the bottle
  • place a small funnel into the bottle or hand-pour just under 1/3 oz. (7.5 mL) of carrier oil into the bottle
  • press the natural plastic reducer into the bottle
  • snap the plastic ball into reducer
  • place cap on bottle
  • roll between your palms to mix
  • shake before each use