Simplify your beauty ritual.

C9SC's exfoliating Salt Scrub Bars are a unique balanced blend of cold processed soap, sea salt & luxury salts.

"This salt bar is literally... To die for. Not only does it polish away all the "junk" we don't want on our skin, but the scent transports you to a tropical island filled with umbrella topped beverages and sexy pool boys. Simply a must for the avid shower user (aka: everyone)." -Justi, Hartford, WI

Features & Benefits:

  • Why salt? You know that polished, squeaky clean feel your skin has after a swim in the ocean? That's what my salt bar will do for you, because salt is a natural exfoliant
  • Exfoliating allows lotions and oils to readily absorb rather than float on top of those dead skin cells
  • These 3-in-1 bars cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate in one simple step, right in the shower with a distinctive dense lather like no other bar on the market
  • Unlike salt scrubs in a jar, there is no oily mess left behind 
  • Each bar is a hefty 5.5-6 oz. and lasts for weeks when kept on a soapdish


Bath Salt Soak (Seasonal): That’s what Cleopatra did and the results are historic.