It's a scientific fact that scent is our biggest memory trigger. Scent can instantly transform a room, or a mood, in a magical way. So strike a match and surround yourself with joy, naturally. I've been pouring candles since 2006 and scent blending is my passion - it's taken me years of testing to create these unique candle fragrances that trigger good vibes, happy thoughts, and treasured memories.

Features & Benefits of C9SC Candles:

  • Domestically grown soy wax
  • Cotton-core wicks
  • Fine fragrance and essential oil blends
  • Amazing scent throw
  • Burn time: 35-45 hours, jars and 25-30 hours, tins
  • No added colorants
  • 8 oz. frosted glass apothecary-inspired jar with aluminum lid or a silver metal tin. Both have a modern, minimalist label that will compliment any decor

Please note: Covid has created sourcing issues, so jar lid color may vary from photos.