One-of-a-kind gemstone mala beads handcrafted with love and intention for your health and happiness: Jewelry for the soul.


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I believe setting aside time to meditate or just sit quietly and set intentions is important when striving to live a purposeful, peaceful, balanced life.

the Sanskrit word for "garland", is a string of 108 beads and has been used as a counting device by sages and those with spiritual aspirations for thousands of years. Yogis and Buddhists were the first to use Mala to enhance their spiritual practices.

Mala beads are rooted in ancient traditions and can serve as a meditation tool to focus one's awareness and concentration during spiritual practice and will inspire spiritually-oriented people who are guided by intuition to carry their intentions out into the world.

A Mala is:

  • Tibetan Buddhist prayer beads, similar to other prayer beads used in various world religions.
  • Used for religious or spirtitual reasons to focus breath, prayers, an affirmation or mantra repitition while meditating.
  • Can serve as a constant reminder of your goals, hopes, and dreams.
  • Or is worn as an adornment simply just because you love the style!

The possibilties are endless, but there are a few rules to be followed in the creating of a traditional mala piece:

  1. 108 beads.108 is a sacred number that occurs in various forms in nature and in Buddhist script giving the number spirtitual significance.
  2. Hand-knotting between each bead is the true sign of a traditionally crafted mala. Knots give the perfect amount of space between each bead and strength to the mala.
  3. "Marker" beads, if used, are placed to bring awareness back to the present while meditating; marker beads are not counted in the 108.
  4. A "guru bead" that marks the start and end of the 108 breaths, prayers, or affirmation and is where you pause, reflect, and give thanks to the teachers in your life and the teacher within you that guides you.
  5. A tassel that is anchored by the guru bead binds the one continuous loop of cord upon which the beads are strung representing our connection to the Divine and to one another.

Different practices of Buddhism have varying forms and uses of mala beads. I create my mala beads in two of these styles:

  1. Zen Mala: 7-14-66-14-7 bead placement with a marker bead between each section. This style promotes rhythm to one's breath or prayers.
  2. Tibetan Mala: 27-27-27-27 bead placement with a marker bead placed between each section, equally splitting the lengths into four. This is the traditional Tibetan Buddhist method to arrange the beads, used to keep track of breaths, mantras, or prayers.

The malas that I create are made with 100% gemstones, semi-precious stones, and crystals from one source: the Earth. The stones are chosen for the properties they are thought to enhance. Read all about the meaning of the stones here. Custom orders are welcome.

I include one of more of the following elements in the Mala, the charms can be added or removed at your request:

  • Lotus: the symbol of power and growth
  • Buddha: the Divine teacher and embodiment of Enlightment
  • Tree of Life: the symbol of the life force that connects us all
  • Rudraksha beads: noted for their Divine protection. Worn by Buddha, Dalai Lama and Ghandi
  • True North: the internal compass that safely guides you through life
  • Goddess: homage to the Divine Feminine
  • Om: the sacred sound of the Universe

How to use your Mala:

  • Begin by sitting quietly and setting an intention for what you want to cultivate in your life.
  • The mala is held with gentleness and respect, in either hand.
  • To begin: count or recite from the guru bead, clockwise around the mala, using your thumb to move the beads. Count one bead for each breath, or recitation of the mantra. The first bead is held between the index finger and thumb, and with each recitation of the mantra move your thumb to pull another bead in place over the index finger.
  • Advance the beads until you come back around to the guru bead.
  • Stop and take a moment at the guru bead to express gratitude for the abundance already present in your life.


  • Simply hold or wear your mala during silent meditation and let it absorb the peace of your practice as you play your favorite music, walk, or simply breathe and listen.
  • When your day gets off track, hold or wear your mala and absorbs its positive energy as you remember your intention.

 I encourage you to create your own practice, in your own space, your own sacred ritual.