Laundry Bar: Rosemary Lemon
  • Laundry Bar: Rosemary Lemon

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Great for your skin and our planet.

This bar is an all-natural alternative to commercial laundry detergent and other chemically laden cleaning products.This is a non-sudsing formula which means there will be no residue left behind on your clothes, sheets, towels, or your skin. 

These bars are made on a limited edition basis in 32-bar micro-batches and are scented with 100% pure essential oils of Italian lemon and Spanish rosemary.

Due to the unique soap making process, these bars are irregularly shaped and weigh 4.5 - 5.5 oz.

"I having been using this laundry bar to make my own laundry detergent for about a year now and wouldn't use anything else. I will never go back to store bought detergents, so please keep making these Lisa!!! My son is moving out and asked if I will make it for him too!!" -Dodie Cockroft, Milwaukee, WI

Features & Benefits:

  • Phosphate free
  • Bio-degradable
  • Safe for septic systems and HE machines
  • Clean, fresh, rosemary lemon scent
  • Pulse the soap shreds/borax/washing soda in a food processor, mix with water to create a chemical free all-purpose household cleanser for dishes/pots/pans, counter tops and floors
Standard Batch Laundry Soap Recipe:

Grate your C9SC bar into a large bowl, combine the soap shreds with 2 cups Borax and 2 cups Washing Soda. Pulse in a food processors if you prefer a more powdered consistency . Store in a covered container like a Mason jar.
To Use:  Front loader, 1 Tbsp.
               Top loader, 2 Tbsp.
               Cool water wash, no fabric softener is needed.
Yields:    128 front loads/64 top loads

Ingredients: saponified coconut oil and essential oils. Net wt. 5 oz.

* This soap is not skin safe for bathing*