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I formulated this Essential Hand Soap to remove dirt, grime, germs, and cooking odors like onions and garlic - naturally. The special essential oil blend that I use, often called Thieves oil, has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties making this a great bar to guard against the spread of germs. The scent is bright notes of lemon and eucalyptus followed by subtle rosemary with a strong spice finish of clove and cinnamon.

Your number one defense against germs is to wash your hands correctly (see blog post) So go ahead, wash your hands as often as you like, my bar will leave your hands feeling clean and conditioned, never dry or itchy, no matter how many times you wash them.

"As a short-order cook for 2 kids and a bit of a germ-a-phobe, I am constantly washing my hands. Winters are harsh on my hands as a result. I found C9SC at a local event and it has offered tremendous relief to the drying and cracking. I will no longer reach for the anti-bacterial stuff in a bottle." -Lynn R., Pewauee, WI

Features & Benefits:

  • 100% natural essential oil soap.
  • Made with orange peel, crushed coffee beans, and walnut husk to give the bar a bit of grit without being abrasive.
  • Raw cocoa butter is a natural moisturizer loaded with Vitamin E and one of the few oils that penetrates the skin.
  • This bar is a fantastic choice for the hard working hands of cooks, mechanics, gardeners, medical professionals, and artists.

Ingredients: love, saponified oils of olive, coconut, palm, avocado, castor, cocoa butter, shea butter, orange peel, cinnamon, coffee beans, walnut shell, essential oils. 5+ oz.